Specialist DSE Assessments in the UK

A specialist assessment is beneficial for employees with long term conditions or disabilities; those that are returning to work following a period of absence; or those who have expressed a concern that thier working enviroment is contributing to their symptoms. Typical conditions may include musculoskeletal issues or injuries such as back pain, whiplash, Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (RSI) or arthritis. Additionally chronic conditions such as MS, Parkinson's Disease, Rhematoid Arthritis or Stroke will obtain great benefits from having a specialist workplace assessment.

The assessment is undertaken by an Occupational Health Physiotherapist who analyses the interaction between the risk factors associated with the employees clinical condition, the demands of their working role, and the environment or equipment that they interact with to undertake their job. Bespoke recommendations are reported clearly which will offer consideration of both the support that the employer can offer to the employee and the actions that the employee can undertake to optimally mange their symptoms in the workplace.

Specialist Workplace Assessments in the UK